Eight years is enough: TNM to be shuttered

This website was launched in 2010 as a blog in order to talk about the publishing industry, digital media, and specifically the new iPad that was to be launched that April. (Hence the name, a kind of reference to those old talking folk songs.) After three years as a blog it evolved into a self-hosted news website.

But eight years is a long time for any digital news outlet. Especially one that is published virtually by one person (though I must thank the almost 200 contributors to the website).

TNM would continue on were it not for one simple fact: the publishing industry is not supported by the companies that sell into it. In eight years, this site has survived off of Google advertising and book sales, with only a handful of companies deciding it would invest in their own businesses. As someone who has been a newspaper and magazine publisher, and succeeded by serving the ad needs of industry clients, it saddens me the so few support our industry with their marketing dollars. (This is why those still publishing trade journals that cover books, newspapers or magazines now survive off or events.)

Still, it has been a fun ride. And now that the archives are back online — there was a while there when the site was offline due to technical issues — I can rest easy knowing that all those thousands of posts will remain available.

I’ve been in this business over 30 years, so if you know of any company in need of management or editorial leadership, please reach out. But in the meantime, thanks for reading Talking New Media!

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