New TNM t/k

The plan now is to return to the standard blog format, abandoning the news sections, while retaining the eight years of archived material for TNM’s loyal readers

The shuttering of TNM has left a bit of a hole in my daily routine. Getting up at an ungodly hour and sitting down to write the Morning Brief might have been a pain, but like any drug, it was satisfying for awhile. Further, the ability to write about any topic I wanted for the past eight years was nice.

In 2010, when I launched TNM it was simply a blog. In mid-2013 I turned it into a news site when I also launched TNM Digital Media LLC in order to begin publishing books/eBooks. Now it is time to turn it back into a blog, a blank canvas as you will, one where I can say whatever.

But there are eight years of writing here, well over 100 contributors, as well. There is also a huge reservoir of publishing news here (just do a search regarding any major publishing company’s earnings and you’ll find quite a lot).

It is important to me to maintain that, at least for Google searches, so the plan is simply to do a WordPress redesign — one where the archives can still be accessed, but where I don’t need to update the news sections every day.

Look for the redesign to hit by April 1 soonish.

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